My name is James.

I’m a full stack developer with experience in multiple languages.

I’m a strong believer in producing high quality, readable code. Documentation, testing and code standards are just as important as code quality.

I first got interested in development at a young age when I saw my dad building basic websites with Microsoft FrontPage. Since then, I have been constantly learning new things myself and keeping on top of current web trends.

When I’m not developing, I can usually be found on my aggressive skates either grinding on rails or flying through the air off ramps. I enjoy binge watching series' on Netflix, playing the occasional computer game, renovating the house or tinkering electronics. I have a keen interest in electrical engineering and have completed a few related projects, such as:

Employment History


February 2021 - Present | Head Of Development

My role here as one of the founding staff members was to create a good foundation of a product that could be built upon over time. I started the project using the latest versions of the technology that i use. Since them the platform has been updated to the newest versions (Laravel 9, PHP 8.2).

During my time here i’ve been responsible for building not only a SaaS product, but a development team too.

Projects I’ve worked on:

My PT Hub

July 2017 - February 2021 | Head Of Development

My role at My PT Hub means I am the “go-to” person for the rest of the team. I work alongside the management team and help out a team of 6-8 developers to get things done.

My main responsibilities are to make sure things keep working in the background, mentoring junior staff and developing new features.

Projects I’ve worked on:

Hare Digital

September 2015 - July 2017 | Developer/DevOps

During my time at Hare, I worked on a range of products, both SaaS and agency client work.

build14me / Frank! Communications

September 2011 - September 2015 | Developer/Digital Marketing

During my time here I created and maintained multiple client websites and worked on re-branding/marketing for multiple clients such as Stonewall, Sussex & Surrey Police and Brighton Fringe Festival.

I developed a CMS called Timberwolf (PHP 5.6 and Laravel 4.2) for use in-house to develop websites quicker for our clients and created a module system which allowed us to enable and disable features depending on the client specification.

My Main duties were:

The technology that I use on a day to day basis: